Curriculum at Covenant

The curriculum of Covenant is designed to support the school's mission:  "to provide an exceptional education for children as image bearers of God in order that they might enjoy and reflect his wisdom and beauty."  The final goal is missional: to prepare students for a life of service to God.  We achieve this by teaching from a Christ-centered worldview, developing reasoning and rhetorical skills, and by reflecting upon truth, goodness, and beauty.

The curriculum for each grade includes:

In third grade, students begin the study of Latin, which is essential to a fundamental understanding of English, history, and great literature.  Also integral to a classical education are the study of formal Logic, which begins in 6th grade and formal Rhetoric, which begins in 9th grade.

Academic goals are achieved by following the sequence of the curriculum; each grade level presupposes and builds upon the previous grade.  Class sizes vary according to grade and course, but are limited to 18 students.

We strive to establish a stimulating and supportive environment in which average and above-average learners are challenged and thrive, and in which students develop a love for learning and the desire to be life-long learners.  Our Classical Benefits page highlights additional benefits and national academic performance averages of students educated in the the classical approach.

No one truth is rightly held till it is clearly conceived and stated, and no single truth is adequately comprehended till it is viewed in harmonious relations to all the other truths of the system of which Christ is the centre.  ~ A. A. Hodge