Rhetoric School Graduation Requirements

Minimum graduation requirements are shown below.

Course offerings in each subject area are shown on our Rhetoric School Curriculum page.

Required Courses Requirement
 Bible & Theology Spiritual Formation
Bible and Church Through the Ages
Christianity in the United States
2 Credits 
 Humane Letters:
     History – 4 credits  
     English – 4 credits  
     Rhetoric – 1 credit  
Medieval Era
European Era
American Era
9 Credits
 Languages  Latin III
Latin IV
2 Credits 
 Mathematics Geometry
Algebra II
3 Credits 
 Science Biology
3 Credits 
 Fine Arts
1 Credit  
Physical Education

1 Credit  
2 Credits
 Total Minimum Credits Required

 24 Credits

 One credit is equivalent to one year in a course that meets 4 to 5 times per week.