History and Geography

Like all other areas of study, History is taught from a Christian worldview.   Knowing God depends on knowing History - what God has done for people as recorded in the Scriptures, and what He has done for people in the last two millenia.  Knowing oneself also depends on knowing History - where we came from and why we are who we are.  Students see God's providence as it is revealed in recorded history, learn the historical significance and chronological position of major people and events of history from creation to the present, and develop an understanding of the influence of historical events on contemporary thought and culture.

History is taught using a literature-based approach, including an emphasis on primary sources and biographical studies.  Students are also encouraged to be "self-educators" by delving deeper into topics that are of particular interest to them.  World History is studied chronologically, from ancient to modern times, in Grades 1 through 7, enabling students to develop a thorough understanding of the context of historical events.  Although the latter part of these studies includes significant study of the role of America in World History, a more in depth and comprehensive study of American History and the U.S. Constitution is completed in Grade 8.  Geography is also studied systematically and comprehensively, with a different part of the world covered each year during the Grammar Stage.  In the Rhetoric School (Grades 9 - 12), students complete a more in depth study of World History from ancient to modern times.