Students learn that God's Word is truth, and that it is applicable to every facet of life and learning.  The teaching of God's Word is integrated into all areas of study, including history, science, mathematics, language, literature, and art, and students are shown how the Bible provides the foundation and context for all learning.

In daily Bible classes, students study the Bible sequentially from Genesis to Revelation during the Grammar Stage (Grades 1-5) and again sequentially at a deeper level in the Logic Stage (Grades 6-8).  More extensive biblical and theological studies are completed during the Rhetoric Stage (Grades 9-12).  Through the study of God’s Word, students develop an understanding of the main events and people in Scripture, basic theological concepts and major biblical themes, the attributes and characteristics of God, and the plan of salvation. Students are immersed in the lives of those faithful to the spreading of the gospel, are encouraged to develop the Christian discipline of regular memorization of Scripture and consistent prayer, and are encouraged and equipped to become life-long students of the Word of God.