2019-20 Annual Tuition

*Please note that tuition is all-inclusive. There are no separate book fees or activity fees.

  • Grammar School (K-5th): $ 9,875.00
  • Logic School (6th-8th): $10,990.00

Tuition may be paid in one annual payment, two semi-annual payments, or eleven monthly payments. Covenant uses the FACTS tuition management system. The following payment plans are provided in FACTS:

Payment Plan Payment Due Date(s) Administrative Fee

  • 1 payment July 5, 2018 (no admin fee)
  • 2 equal payments July 5, 2018 and January 5, 2019 (1% admin fee)
  • 11 equal payments July 5, 2018 – May 5, 2019 on the 5th day of each month (3% admin fee)

A tuition deposit of $525 per student is required to secure enrollment. This deposit is credited toward the total tuition due for the 2018-2019 school year.

Before and After-School Care

Before and After-School Care are provided at a fee of $7 per hour, per student. Before-School Care starts at 7:30 am, and After-School Care concludes at 5:30 pm. For additional information on before and after school care, please contact the school office at (630) 983-7500 or email us at [email protected].

Tuition Discounts

Multi-child discounts

If a family has more than one student enrolled, a discount of 10% is applied to the tuition for the second child, a discount of 15% is applied to the tuition for the third child, and a discount of 20% is applied to the tuition for the fourth child. The student with the highest base tuition is considered the first student.

Need-based discounts

Additional information on this program is available on our Need-Based Tuition Discounts page.

Referral discounts

We hope that Covenant families will be excited to tell others about our school. As an additional incentive to share Covenant with others, we offer a 10% tuition discount (up to a maximum of $1000) to families who bring a new family to Covenant. The new family must not be currently enrolled in a classical Christian school. The tuition discount is applied once the new family has enrolled at Covenant.

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