Need-Based Tuition Discounts

The Covenant Classical School community desires to welcome families with multiple children as well as families from varying socioeconomic circumstances. In order to help achieve these goals, the Board of Directors has set policies for multi-child and need-based tuition discounts.

Covenant employs the independent company, FACTS Management, to provide a third-party assessment of all applications for tuition discounts. Applicants who demonstrate financial need as determined by FACTS, will be considered for tuition discounts by the Covenant Financial Aid Committee.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

To apply for a tuition discount, please first submit a Covenant Student Application, and then follow the steps outlined below:

1. Complete the Confidential FACTS Financial Aid Application.

FACTS provides the school with an independent, confidential assessment of a family’s ability to pay for educational expenses. To complete the application online, visit the FACTS Grant & Aid Application page, and follow the online directions.

If a family intends to apply for financial aid, they must do so within two weeks of receiving an acceptance letter. Please note that Covenant’s financial resources are limited, and we are not always able to provide the discount level that a family may need.

2. Upload any Supporting Materials Requested by FACTS.

Families who apply for financial assistance in January, 2019 may submit their 2017 tax return and supporting documentation with the initial application, but please note that FACTS will require all families to submit their 2018 tax documentation at a subsequent date for verification.

3. Financial Aid Decision

Covenant uses the FACTS assessment, as well as an assessment of the school’s own resources, to make a final decision about the level of financial aid that can be awarded. Financial aid awards will be communicated within approximately four weeks of the submission of a complete financial aid application.

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