Choosing a Classical School

We are glad that you are interested in learning more about classical Christian education and Covenant Classical School. We realize that selecting a school for your child is a significant decision, made only after much exploration and prayer. You may want to consider the following factors as you decide on a school.


Why does the school exist? What does it seek to accomplish? Is the school’s mission in accord with your own deepest convictions about life, parenting, and faith? Read Covenant’s Mission.


How important is a Christian education and a corresponding Christ-centered ethos? If it is important, are you more interested in education tailored to a particular denominational tradition or are you comfortable with an inter-denominational setting? Some Christian educational institutions tend to maintain a combative stance to the culture; others are more comfortable embracing the dominant culture and its assumptions. Which school for you best embodies Jesus’ injunction to be ‘in the world but not of it’? How does the school speak to integrating faith and reason? Read Covenant’s Statement of Faith.


Is the curriculum integrated, cohesive, time-tested, and proven? Is it geared towards “teaching for the test” or equipping students with tools to be lifetime learners? What outcomes are implied by the curriculum? Are they the outcomes you desire for your child? Is the school administrator working regularly and closely with faculty in fine-tuning difficulty and work-load levels? Read more on Covenant’s curriculum.


Is the faculty experienced and qualified in their respective fields? What is the student/teacher ratio? Are teachers both inspirational role models and mentors? Do they have a passion for their disciplines and an obvious love for the students? Learn more about Covenant’s faculty.


Do you seek a homogenous environment or do you value a more diverse community? Are you seeking a highly competitve school that is geared only to the top percentile of students or one that is holistic yet academically challenging for a range of students – from the average student to the exceptional student? Do you seek a school that shepherds students and helps them to grow spiritually, academically, physically, and socially?


Do you value a large school or an intimate setting? Do you want your child to be in a large classroom setting or do you prefer smaller classes? How important is it for you that your child to know his or her teachers and peers well?


Is the school affordable? Are you able to pay the price? How does the school respond to financial aid needs? Does the school exhibit a commitment to assisting families who otherwise could not afford it? How do costs compare with other schools? Is tuition cost-based or undervalued? Learn more about Covenant’s Tuition and Financial Aid.

We hope that answering these questions will assist you in determining if Covenant is the right school for your family. If you are ready to join Covenant Classical School, click here for Admissions. Click here to watch a video presentation on Covenant Classical School,

Or, if we can be of further assistance to you in this process, please contact us at (630) 983-7500 or [email protected].

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