Logic School Curriculum

The Logic School Curriculum consists of the following subjects.

Grade 6Grade 7 Grade 8
BibleOld Testament Survey IOld Testament Survey IINew Testament Survey
History/GeographyAmerican History

(Story of the World, Vol.4, The Story of the Thirteen Colonies and the Great Republic, and primary source materials)

Ancient History of the Near and Far east

(The History of the Ancient World, and primary source materials)

Ancient Roman History and U.S. Civics

(The History of the Ancient World, Whatever Happened to Justice, and primary source materials)

English (Grammar/Composition/Literature)English 6

(Warriner’s Grammar 2,Six Traits of Writing)

English 7

(Warriner’s Grammar 3)

English 8

(Warriner’s Grammar 4,Six Traits of Writing)

LatinLatin I

(Cambridge 1)

Latin II

(Cambridge II)

Latin III

(Cambridge III)

MathMath 6

(Singapore Math in Focus6A and 6B)


(Singapore New Syllabus Math I)


(Elementary Algebra, Jacobs)

ScienceIntroductory Chemistry

(CPO Physical Science)


(CPO Life Science)


(CPO Foundations ofPhysical Science)


(The Fallacy Detective,The Thinking Toolbox)

Introductory Logic

(The Discovery of Deduction)

Intermediate Logic

(Intermediate Logic)

ArtArt History and Appreciation, Artistic Skills Development
DramaDrama History and Appreciation, Dramatic Skills Development
MusicMusic History and Appreciation, Music Theory, Vocal Training
Physical EducationIndividual Skills, Team Sports
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