Grammar School

The Lower School years are full of joy and excitement. Here strong foundations are laid for life-long learning. Our Lower School curriculum is built upon proven and time-honored methods of pedagogy which give important tools for future learning. We call this the grammar stage.

At the grammar stage, emphasis is laid on review and repetition. One important way young children learn is through songs, chants, jingles, and rhymes. Historical information, timelines, science terms, rules of grammar, scripture—all these can be taught through songs and jingles. Because the very young rely so keenly on their senses, we direct our content to the eyes, ears, hands, and even bodies.

Early Grammar Stage (K-2nd)

Student CharacteristicsTeaching Methods
  • excited about learning
  • shorter attention span
  • enjoys games, stories, songs, projects
  • wants to touch, taste, feel, smell, see
  • imaginative, creative
  • guided discovery
  • tactile teaching
  • short creative projects
  • sing, play games, chant, recite, color, draw, paint, build
  • show and tell, drama, hear/read/tell stories
  • field trips

Late Grammar Stage (3rd-5th)

Student CharacteristicsTeaching Methods
  • excited about new interesting facts
  • easily memorizes
  • likes to explain, figure out, talk
  • wants to relate own experiences to topic, or just to tell a story
  • likes collections, organizing items
  • assimilates language well
  • lots of hands-on work, projects
  • field trips, drama
  • make collections, displays, and models
  • research projects
  • recitations, memorization
  • drills, games
  • oral/written presentations
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