Academic Achievements

Standardized Test Scores

Our 1st through 8th grades take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills each year. The Iowa Test assesses student progress in key academic areas. The chart below shows Covenant’s scores for the 2018 Iowa Test for the “Percentile Rank of Average Standard Scores: National School Norms”. This score compares the average score of each class at Covenant with the average scores of classes at the same grade level in the nation.

Covenant Classical School - 2018 Iowa Test of Basic Skills
Percentile Rank of Average Standard Scores: National School Norms

1st 99 98 99 99 *NA
2nd 99 99 99 99 *NA
3rd 98 97 86 96 *NA
4th 99 99 99 99 *NA
5th 99 99 92 97 *NA
6th 98 99 99 99 99
7th 99 99 99 99 99
8th  99 99 99 99  99

*Note: Due to the distinctive scope of Covenant’s science curriculum, we do not administer the science portion of the ITBS tests at the grammar-school level.

National Latin Exam Results

Covenant’s Upper School students participated in the National Latin Exam in March 2018. Sponsored each year by the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League, the exam is taken by over 150,000 students from the U.S. and twelve other countries. The majority of students taking the National Latin Exam are in high school, since that is when many students begin their study of Latin. A smaller number of middle school and college students also take the exam.

Covenant’s 6th grade students took the Introduction to Latin exam, which assumes knowledge equivalent to high school introductory Latin courses. Six students in the class received ribbons for scores in the highest “Outstanding” category. Over half of our 6th grade students earned certificates for receiving scores above the average national score.

Covenant’s 7th and 8th grade students took the Latin I and Latin II exams, respectively, which assume knowledge equivalent to intermediate high school Latin courses. Covenant students performed exceptionally well on the exams: two students received gold medals, three students received silver medals, three received bronze medals, and three students received Cum Laude certificates.

Illinois Certamen Competition

Covenant’s Certamen teams achieved great success this year. Certamen is a Latin quiz-bowl type competition, in which teams answer questions about Latin grammar and ancient Roman culture.

Our 6th/7th grade team, which competed against other 8th-grade teams at local public and private schools, placed first in the Illinois Regional Certamen Competition and second in the Illinois State Certamen Competition.

Our 8th-grade team, which competed against local 9th grade teams, placed second in the Illinois Regional Competition.

Two of our students also won “Most Valuable Player” awards for their participation in the Illinois Certamen program this season. This means they had the highest cumulative individual scores out of any competitors in their respective divisions.

We are so proud of these students for their achievements this year! Congratulations also to Mr. Spice and Mrs. Bromenschenkel for their excellent leadership of our Latin program!

Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Science Fair

Four of our 8th-grade students competed in the IJAS State Science Fair competition in Peoria, IL in April, 2018, and all four of our students received gold medal awards!

In addition, two of our 8th grade students also earned “Best in Category” awards at the IJAS Regional Science Fair for their projects in the areas of zoology and engineering.

We are so proud of our students and all of their hard work! Congratulations to Mrs. McArthur for her outstanding work with our science program!

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