Welcome to Covenant Classical School. We hope that you will take a few moments to look around our web site. Before you do, maybe a few words are in order about our name.

We call our school ‘Covenant’ because we believe that God has made Jesus Christ the covenantal mediator. In faithfulness to the covenant, God has in Christ reconciled us to himself, reconciled us to one another, and reconciled us to creation. On a daily basis and in all we do, we strive to live out and instill the reality of that reconciling work. This requires wisdom.  We call our school ‘Classical’ because God in his providence has been active in imparting this wisdom throughout the whole course of human history. The heart of classical education lies in a counter-cultural willingness to name what is beautiful and true, and then to allow ourselves in humility and gratitude to be shaped by it.

Our aim is to train students not only to question the unexamined assumptions of our culture, but also to apply a biblical grid that encompasses all of life. It is not enough to clarify what is true; we must also come to terms with the nature of truth itself. Against the major educational approaches on offer today, we assume the interconnectedness of knowledge. I am reminded of the words of that great thinker Francis Schaeffer, which I believe are even more true today than they were when he first wrote them a generation ago:

Today we have a weakness in our education process … we tend to study all our disciplines in unrelated parallel lines. This tends to be true in both Christian and secular education. This is one of the reasons why evangelical Christians have been taken by surprise at the tremendous shift that has come to our generation.

Through the integration of life and faith, students develop a thoroughgoing Christian worldview–and then live it out! For the student at Covenant, all the subjects (from physical education to Latin to art) are mutually integrated and bound up in the life of faith. We believe that an educational approach which artificially separates faith from knowledge is simply a misunderstanding of faith itself.  I believe that at this turn in our cultural history, a classical Christian education is a powerful tool for instilling a solid Christian worldview to the next generation, tomorrow’s leaders. We teach with the next generation in our minds and its mission field in our hearts.

For His Kingdom,

Board of Trustees
Covenant Classical School

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