The mission of Covenant Classical School is to provide an exceptional education for children as image bearers of God in order that they might enjoy and reflect his wisdom and beauty. This wisdom and beauty are reflected above all in Jesus Christ, who is our only confidence and our covenant.

Since we hold the image of God in our relationships, our bodies, as well as in our abilities to choose and reason, we believe that social, physical, spiritual and intellectual development should lie at the heart of our renewal in that image. Because these aspects cannot finally be separated from one another, we commit ourselves to education that is integrative.

An  integrative  education

We provide an integrative education by taking an approach that is classical in both delivery and content. We embrace and emphasize the interconnectedness of knowledge. The disciplines of math, science, grammar, composition, literature, history, geography, Latin, Bible, theology, logic, rhetoric, music, art, and physical education are intentionally woven together within a seamless curriculum. For us classical education is not driven by any nostalgia for the western past, but a willingness to be shaped by great works – works which have proven themselves as beautiful and true over time.

Since God is the one for whom, from whom and through whom all knowledge exists, we believe that God’s self-revelation in the scriptures should stand as the basis of all learning, exploration and reasoning. Because these same scriptures have been historically interpreted through the creeds of Christian orthodoxy, we commit ourselves to education that is confessional.

A  confessional  education

We provide a confessional education by modeling a discipleship of life and mind. We hold ourselves as members of a Christ-honoring community – board, faculty, staff, parents, and students alike – to a high standard of conduct and behavior. Within the classroom we strive to foster a culture of mutual respect and encouragement, humility, and joy; we seek an atmosphere that is well-ordered and warm. Testing all our judgments against the touchstone of God’s Word, we hold out the scriptures as the foundation and guide for all that we do, say and think. Because our teachers see discovery as exhilarating and a cause for awe, our students are also excited to learn. In a supportive community our students gain the experience of expressing their ideas with eloquence and confidence.

Since the goal of the Christian life is not self-advancement but service, we believe that all learning is likewise to be undertaken for the sake of the gospel, the church and ultimately the world. Because Christ has called us to lay down our lives for such purposes greater than ourselves, we commit ourselves to education that is missional.

A  missional  education

We provide a missional education by modeling a life lived for others and by drawing students into the critical analysis of information and ideas. Our teachers are living examples, role models of wisdom and the truly beautiful life; they inspire students to strive for the biblical definition of greatness, namely, to ‘be a servant of all’. Relying on small classes and dialogical teaching methods, we involve every student within the context of community. Ultimately, students will be poised to grasp their own location within history, and thereby be prepared to evaluate, debate and engage competing ideas and philosophies – all from a biblical viewpoint. True engagement, however, does not occur apart from our actively reaching out, that is, our purposely making ourselves relationally, physically, spiritually and mentally present to a fallen world.

I am the LORD, I have called you in righteousness, I have taken you by the hand and kept you; I have given you as a covenant to the people, a light to the nations. (Isaiah 42:6)

Because God has bound himself to us through a covenant, we bind ourselves to the pursuit of truth, God himself, and our mission in Christ.

foedus nobis oportet – the covenant binds us

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