Why teach at Covenant?

Faith and Learning

Covenant is passionately committed to Biblical excellence, where the patient inculcation of a Christian worldview enables students to discern truth from error. They are taught to read, admire, and learn from good literature, even as they are taught how to live before Christ. Faith and learning come together, so that life outside the classroom informs the classroom experience inside – and vice versa. We’re looking for teachers who love to learn!

Professional Environment

The classical curriculum especially requires that the faculty be composed of team players. Colleagues are encouraged to enjoy a professional camaraderie. We believe that professional development are a key component of long-term faculty satisfaction; our administration and staff are dedicated to providing teachers with the tools to do their work well.

Time-Honored Curriculum

At Covenant we look for teachers who are thrilled by their material and humbled by the task of a life-long learner. Covenant strives to use a quality curriculum, stressing depth and weight rather than fluff, all designed to nurture and engage the students rather than to merely entertain. The richness of the curriculum guides students to value what is good and beautiful which makes for a thriving learning environment.

Student Culture

Our families come to Covenant because of a similar desire to raise their children in the Lord. Since we are dedicated to that particular culture, you will find that the students here are set apart by their eager desire to learn and their mature Christian character. They are motivated and respectful. This combination makes for a wonderful teaching and learning environment.

Covenant Classical School is a place devoted to ensuring that students and teachers alike thrive in their God-given roles and responsibilities. Teaching professionals who crave the ambience of a school with the singular distinctives found in the classical Christian model may well find a professional, spiritual, and personal home within the walls of Covenant.

We hope that Covenant teachers love their experience so much that they choose to make this their lifetime career. We invite you to peruse our website and call us for more information. We hope you will consider joining us in forming the lives of the next generation.

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