Courses for Home Schooled Students

Covenant Classical School is pleased to partner with homeschooling families with Upper School aged students (grades 6-10) as they seek to educate their children in the various subject areas available at Covenant. Extracurricular activities such as choir, band, and intramural sports are also an option for homeschool students.

After the regular enrollment period has ended, classes are made available for qualified applicants who are not full-time regular enrollees of Covenant. 

Students who successfully enroll as a Covenant part-time homeschool student must commit to attending regularly all classes for which they have registered for the duration of the academic school year. The student will be considered an integral member of the class with all the rights and privileges thereof, and, therefore, will be expected to participate fully and complete all class assignments, including projects and tests. A special homeschool report will be issued each quarter and (on successful completion of the class) a certificate will be issued at the end of the year, certifying that the course has been taken.

Students are expected to wear uniforms to class and to abide by all general policies applicable to full time Covenant students as delineated in the Parent Handbook.

Students are expected to arrive for the class on time and then leave when the class is over. Parents must come to the school office to sign their students in and out if they enter or exit at any time other than our regularly-scheduled morning drop off and afternoon pick up times.  Students may not stay at Covenant unattended. The parents are asked to contact the school office in the event that they are going to be late in picking up the student.

Part-time students are welcome to attend activities such as homeroom, lunch, or supervised breaks during the day.  However, they may not remain in the building during any class periods for which they have not enrolled.  Part-time students are also invited to attend all field trips relating to their specific class but must pay additional admissions fees particular to the event. Lockers will be provided for part-time students only in the event that the current inventory of lockers is enough to serve all full and part-time students combined.  Finally, arrangements may also be made to take standardized tests on a per test cost basis. 

Interested families are required to apply to Covenant through our regular admissions process. Part-time students may only matriculate in courses for which they qualify, as determined through admissions testing. Each student is limited to no more than seventeen class periods per week. Part-time enrollment is normally only valid for one academic year per child. Re-enrollment is possible but contingent on space considerations and the approval of the Head of School.

Course offerings for the 2013-2014 school year are shown below.  Home schooled students working at the indicated grade levels may apply for the respective courses.  Annual tuition is $300 per weekly course period. (For example, annual tuition for a course that meets 4 periods per week is $1200.) 

Please contact the school office
at (630) 983-7500 or for detailed course descriptions and schedules.
2013-2014 Course Offerings

 Bible and Theology

 Periods  Mathematics Grade

 Old Testament Survey I
 6-8  4  Math 6  6-8  5
 Old Testament Survey II
 6-8  4  Pre-Algebra  7-9  5
 New Testament Survey
 8-9  4  Algebra
 8-9  5
 9-10  4  Geometry
 9-10  5
       Advanced Algebra
 10-11  5
 Literature, Composition, and Rhetoric Grade
Periods  Science Grade
 English 6
 6-7  5  Introduction to Chemistry  6-8  3
 English 7
 7-8  5  Introduction to Biology  6-8  4
 English 8
 8-9  4  Introduction to Physics  8-9  4
 Ancient/Classical Literature / Composition
 9-10  4  Biology  9-10  4
 European Literature / Composition
 10-11  4      
 History Grade
 Periods  Languages Grade
 Age of Empire and Imperialism
 6-7  4  Latin I
 6-10  4
 Late Modern History
 7-8  4  Latin II
 6-10  4
 American History
 8-9  4  Latin III
 6-10  4
 Ancient/Classical History 
 9-10  4  Latin IV
 9-10  4
 European History
 10-11  4  Latin V
 9-10  4
 Fine Arts
 Periods  Logic
 6-10  1  Pre-logic
 6-8  2
 Music  6-10  .5  Introductory Logic
 7-8  3
 Drama  6-10  .5  Intermediate Logic  7-8  3
 Physical Education Grade
 Individual and Team Skills  6-10  2